What to Expect


Agents are expected to call or text you to inform you of their estimated arrival (or schedule an appointment), however that doesn’t always happen.

When agents call or text you, they will leave a message on your voicemail, answering machine or text with an estimated time of arrival.

As a courtesy, agents usually leave a business card, however, that doesn’t always happen. Please save any business cards left on the property, as we will collect them and follow up with the agent for feedback.

Should you be home when an agent arrives, please ask them to use the keycard in the lockbox. We have an electronic feed from the lockbox to an online feedback system, and usually within a few days, and we (and you) will receive an email with the agent’s feedback on your home.

Try to have the property in order at all times, as no one knows when that one special buyer will arrive.

If an agent calls and it is not a good time for you for them to show the home, please schedule an appointment that will be good for you. Agents do not like to have to keep calling for an appointment, in fact they get the impression the seller doesn’t really want to sell and won’t bother calling back. (It’s sad but true.)

If at all possible, it is extremely important that you remove yourself from the home when an agent is showing your home. For one, it makes the buyer feel more comfortable to take their time and get a real feel for the home. And two, it allows their agent to speak freely to them while in the home.

Never let anyone in the house that just knocks at your door and says, “I saw the sign, and I would like to see your property.” Simply tell them to call your REALTOR® — our phone number is on the yard sign.

If you have any valuable items, personal papers or prescription drugs; please put secure them out of sight. We have not had a problem yet, and we would like to keep it that way.

After all of this, we want you to try to live your normal life and hang in there through this process. Remember we are only a phone call away.