Tips for Sellers

Clean windows and screens.

Polish floors, paneling and tile.

Clean the fireplace.

Sparkling fixtures: Lamps, ceiling fans, Mirrors, Faucets and sinks.

All lights should be on, day or night.

Fresh flowers and a light room deodorizer.

Background music played softly.

Drapes should be open during the daytime.

If animals are present:

Make special arrangements for them or make sure they are controlled.

Spray for fleas and deodorize for a fresh clean appearance.

Closets should be neat, not over-crowded.

Curb appeal, the view of your property from the street.

Paint front door if needed and add a fresh welcome mat.

Grass should be cut and trimmed around the edges and walkways.

Bushes and shrubs trimmed.

Keep yard and plants properly watered, and add colored plants if needed.

Repair torn or missing screens, and cracked glass. Lubricate doors and windows so they open easily.

Store out of sight: Lawn mower, Hoses, Garden tools, Vacuum cleaner.

Fix drips. Besides running up your bill, drips make potential buyers worry about the property’s entire plumbing system.

Replace filter in heating unit (forced air, wall heater etc.) and vacuum the cabinet.

De-clutter and create as much open space as possible in each room. The objective is to create personality without the person for your property. Put away personal items such as family photos, sports trophies, souvenirs, knick knacks, etc. Rent a storage unit if necessary. Make your property “anonymous”. Buyers want to view it as their potential home.

We are experienced with staging properties – let us help you.

We have a list of service providers should you want help: housekeeping, minor repairs, painting, hauling, window cleaning, landscaping, carpeting/flooring, electrical, roofing, plumbing, tree trimming, etc.