Trish and Shannon were always accessible!

The death of a lifelong friend necessitated I fly 2000 miles into SD expecting to spend 1.5 to 2 months clearing out decades of possessions, prepping the property for sale, and getting it sold. A friend recommended Trish. I met with her within my first 24 hrs of arrival. I was skeptical of anyone living up to her glowing review. Trish and her office manager, Shannon, greatly exceeded all my expectations. 

Trish ended up being a full service realtor who put me in contact with a salvage company, house cleaners, a shipping company, an estate attorney, and a tax expect. They all acceded my expectations! Bottom line, the house was ready for the caravan within a week, our asking price was right on, and the house was sold in 2 weeks. Amazing!

Trish and Shannon were always accessible, patient, and had an answer for all of my concerns. I have been involved with a number of realtors in my 73 years, but all the rest just sold or found me a house. Trish went above and beyond the typical definition of a realtor. I now think of her as a friend. I was happy to recommend her to a couple moving into San Diego from Portland area today. Thank you Trish and Shannon for lightening my load and enriching my life!