As first-time home sellers, we were overwhelmed by the process and interviewed numerous real estate agents to find the right partners to sell our home.

Thankfully, we met our match with the Trisha & Judy Team. We appreciated the team-oriented proactive strategies used to price, stage and market the home, and the common-sense articulation of the pros and cons as we sifted through multiple offers. Ultimately, all their hard work paid off due to great work ethic, communication skills, and a desire to achieve results. The Trisha & Judy Team are great people too. Recently, my best friend was putting his house on the market and I told him, do not sign an agreement with another agent until you meet with the Trisha & Judy Team — they are the best in the business, and you want the best team possible when making one of the most important financial decisions of your life. We were extremely satisfied and give the highest recommendation for the Trisha & Judy Team.

Sold January 2018